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he Western Electric Industry Leaders (WEIL) Group is comprised of Chief Executive Officer’s and executive leaders from numerous entities in the western United States that are responsible for delivering electric energy to wholesale and retail customers. These entities include investor owned utilities, municipalities, government agencies, and regional transmission operators, among others.

The WEIL Group recognizes the profound changes that are occurring in the supply of electricity, and that these changes are likely to accelerate in the future. The desire of many constituents for a “clean energy future” is driving many changes that are causing renewable technologies to be introduced on to the electric grid in ever increasing numbers. Our goal is to ensure that these new sources can be seamlessly integrated into the electric grid, because we live with in inescapable fact: “our western electric grid is fully interconnected, and changes in policy, resource additions and operations affect us all”.

The WEIL Group does not make public policy, but we want to further ensure that all policy decisions affecting the electric energy sector are fully informed as to the impacts of such policies and the infrastructure needed to implement any policy mandates. To that end, the Western Electric Industry Leaders Group will occasionally publish data, reports, studies and policy letters on this website that we believe will provide some valuable insights for the necessary policy debates and follow on discussions of implementation plans. As with all studies and reports, the basic assumptions are critical to the findings and recommendations. We generally attempt to provide a reasonable range of assumptions in our work so that the results are robust, yet every entity does not have to endorse the specific assumptions included in such studies. The studies are meant to inform parties of impacts that could result from various policy mandates or actions being considered by decision makers.